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What is Equine?

Equine is a racehorse management game with the Cardano Blockchain and smart contracts providing the horsepower! Its founder and visionary Fahad (Fahadouken) along with his worldwide partners, Marek, Nick, and Zac are taking a very structured and long-term approach to both perfecting the NFT’s and their gaming model. The game will involve breeding, training, trading, customizing, and racing horses in a virtual world.

What is Equine Timeline for development?

Phase 1, NFT Assets

Phase one of this long-term project will take place in December 2021 and will see the introduction of the NFT’s or assets that can be used to play the game.

Their will be 3 distinct types of assets required to play the game and they will be available in bundles called The Equine Pioneer Collection that will provide the Purchaser with one of each type of asset.

Phase 2, Gaming Development

Whilst the core game engine theory and proof of concept phases have already taken place. Phase 2 will be the further development and implementation of the core game and its features. This is expected to take place in Quarters 1 and 2 of 2022. All concepts provided in this article should be incorporated during that period.

Phase 3, Platform Release

The fully functioning platform is planned for release in Quarter 3 of 2022, this will be the highly anticipated release of the game.

What are the types of assets?

Asset 1 Horses

Ok so let’s start at the beginning you need a horse to have a horse management game and boy do they have some amazing, beautiful horses for you.

There will be 10,000 unique horses released in the drop and they will all have different attributes that will help them during their life cycle. The birth of the horse (minting) will give them all unique stats, traits, and features. I’m sure like myself you are blown away with the detail and amazing artwork throughout the project.

So, what do the horses statistics mean?

As you can see above a very detailed list of how each attribute will affect your horse’s performance has been developed. Each statistic will therefore blend to make your horse unique. This uniqueness will mean that a horse will react and perform differently to certain jockey’s, racetracks, or conditions, just like in real life. So, a good owner/trainer will need to work out how to manage their horse to get the best results.

Asset 2 Jockey’s

Once you have a horse and planned a strategy for its development and what race type and distance might best suit it, you must then have a jockey to ride the horse to success.

Apart from looking amazing as all this project does you can see above that the 10 types of Jockeys will have 6 various personalities and rarities. There will be 60 distinct jockey combinations. Having the right jockey with the correct temperament for your horse is essential to get the most from it. I can see myself spending many hours trying to work out my best combinations from my stable of horses and available jockeys.

I think part of the fun will be realising after a race that you could have trained the horse more appropriately or maybe ran the race with a jockey that liked to be a front runner rather than being stuck in the pack. The possibility for combinations and therefore fun is endless.

Asset 3 Skins

Equine have decided that they like their horse owners to be able to customise the look of their horses. This will be done in the form of Skins. Each skin will allow you to customise your horse in a particular way. This will mean whilst racing it will be immediately apparent which horse is yours in the race and allows the owners to FLEX regarding how amazing their horses look. There will be 10,000 combined collectible jockey and horse skins (5,000 of each), which will range from realistic themes

To more fantasy styles like this.

It is obvious that they are working with dedicated artist’s who lovingly prepare each skin and painstakingly bring them to life.

There will be a large amount of variety between all the various skins, for both horse’s and jockey’s.

Each skin will also have a rarity factor, again letting you Flex your ultimate Horse and Jockey in a fun way.

Equine also intend to bring out seasonal content with regular updates for collectors in the form of skins and events.

Maybe next year at Halloween I could have a headless horseman (jockey) skin on a flaming horse, that would be so cool.

Or at Xmas, I can see myself like a nine your old girl hoping that I’ve just received my first pony. Ok so I’d maybe want my reindeer skin (for my horse) and my Santa Claus (jockey skin) to go with it. The possibilities are endless.

Can my horse Breed or Die?

The answer to both question’s is yes. You can breed your horse to keep various strong genetic traits in its bloodline like colour or other attributes. Allowing you to create your stables own breeding program and even create genetically superior horses.

However, once a horse is put out for breeding it can no longer race and has moved along to a new stage of its life cycle.

This is the horse’s life cycle

As with everything in this amazing project no stone has been left unturned in trying to incorporate every aspect of owning a horse from birth to grave. A lot of this is made possible with the clever use of smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain.

So, Is Equine the Gold Standard?

As previously discussed in our other articles, we at cnft-news believe that the best projects going forwards to invest in will have direction, a clear, achievable set of goals and a process and timeline put in place in which to achieve those goals. Equine certainly have met and surpassed all of these measures.

This needs to become the norm for projects certainly for us to get excited about them. We have previous praised both Pixel Links and BitFins for laying out a very clear and long-term strategy, with a lot of details and timelines that are realistically achievable whilst engaging strongly and listening to the community.

Equine’s Community engagement and transparency is also huge. From their presentation at the Cardano Summit to their open and honest discussion with Taylor from GamingCardano on his twitch stream. You had a chance to see first-hand the project and to question Fahad on all things Equine. We then got to hear him fully explain the vision, the groundwork that had already been prepared and finally the potential stratospheric future for Equine all straight from the horse’s mouth. With this presence and willingness to interact with the community they have been building hype and trust with their long-term goals, planning and commitment. I can honestly say that this is what I am now looking for from all great NFT project’s going forwards. They have for me at least created a new gold standard for others to live up too.

How can we Support Equine?

Guys and girls please don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Keep up to date regularly on how the project is progressing and as usual you can support this amazing project by following them on twitter and joining their quickly growing community on discord.

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