Friday, July 19, 2024

Abe @ Cardano Waifus – Community Spotlight

“Cardano Waifus” is a project idea I’ve had for awhile now. I’ve grown up and been a fan of anime for many years watching well over 50 different anime in my lifetime. I always adored the style, vibrance, line work, and epicness of anime and I absolutely love asian culture, especially the cuisine! I got into crypto last year during the black swan event and one that caught my eye the most was Cardano! After doing a bunch of research on it I was excited to get involved and buy a part of what I believe to be history.

What really drew me to Cardano is not only the peer review and slow and steady approach but also the capabilities of what the network has/will offer. Another big reason I love Cardano is their mission to bank the unbanned and their vision to have people who have nothing to be financially literate AND live with dignity. As I got more and more down the rabbit hole and once native tokens became available I would come to soon see just how amazing and supportive the community is!

The first nft I ever bought was Cardano bits and it was super cool being able to interact with a whole community on discord to purchase/trade via third party market since smart contracts are not ready yet! Everyone is super kind and encouraging and the art/ideas that these creators are coming up with are amazing! I currently own about 28 nfts/native tokens and all of them are exclusive to the Cardano block chain.

This project is my attempt to combine 2 things I’m passionate about into one awesome thing! Each and every waifu is inspired by some of the most influential entities in the Cardano ecosystem with each sewing their place into the history of Cardano. Everything from their personality, costume, and overall aesthetic has been carefully chosen to capture the essence of their inspirations. This is my way of paying respect to these great pioneers in a really cool way! I’ve put a lot of thought into each and every single one and I hope it shows! – Abe

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