Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Drip Dropz the bomb 🙂

In just a weeks time, and currently on the second epoch of their launch, Drip Dropz has taken Cardano by storm! They've already...



Cardano Lotto v2.0 Now on Testnet – The worlds only LSPO

I am extremely excited to announce the launch of Cardano Lotto v2.0! The worlds only Lotto Stakepool Offering on the cardano network, the next...

Marketplace updating their Discord

Just announced on their twitter:We're working on a new look for our discord server! An easier place to hang out and chat, with self-promotion...

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Fine Art

Cardano Mythos Drop is Active!

Chadi Nassar Self Portraits – Beautiful NFTs

UPDATE - SOLD OUT Hello! My name is Chadi and I am the creator of the Call Me By Your Name collections. My art is...


Endangered Empire: Saving Endangered Species Through CNFT’s

There is catastrophe in the animal kingdom. Every year, it seems like another animal is on the brink of extinction. Bengal Tigers, Blue Whales,...

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