Digital Syndicate Minting

Need assets minted? No problem at all. We have a full mint engine available for your random asset, or simple iterative drops. Some of the highlights of our mint engine:

  1. CIP-0027 Royalty Token Creation on new policy ID’s
  2. Wallet splitting to up to 4 members of your team
  3. Full entropy / Undefeatable randomness in asset delivery
  4. Up to 10 tokens per purchase
  5. Flat pricing, or ramped pricing
  6. Fungible bonus token delivery
  7. Lottery / Slot Machine | adds bonus tokens as specified
  8. Lottery / Slot Machine | If certain tokens get pulled, add a specified token
  9. Discord Bot announcing amount remaining
  10. Completely efficient usage of min fee and min ada using IOHK specified arithmetic

Coming Soon

  1. Whitelist for decreased cost, early access, or both

For projects with fully prepared metadata, we charge a flat rate of 10%. For minimal metadata prep, we charge 15%. For generative composites and more extensive asset delivery, contact us for a quote.

Contact us at for more info, or hit us up in Discord at