Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The FOMO is real – Equine has likely beat the all time record for initial sales

The people of the Cardano cNFT space have spoken loud and clear. Gamification is where its at. The Equine team started their pioneer launch at 00:00UTC today (December 18th 2021). Theres just over 7 hours left. The price is steep; but that clearly has not been any sort of deterrent. Theres already been 11,000 bundles minted as I write this. The team is easily going to hit 3 Million Ada in sales before its all over.

We’re looking forward to getting our horses in the ring, to start playing with them. Serious congratulations to Fahaduken, Marek, & Fencemaker. You’ve set a new bar, that likely wont be broken for a very long time.

We at CNFTHub.io cant tell you how to invest your hard earned Ada. But we can tell you the FOMO is real; and your window of opportunity to pick up a pioneer horse in the primary market is quickly coming to a close.

We’ll see you all around the racetrack!

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