Friday, May 24, 2024

Cardano Node 1.32.1 released – Big Changes for NFT Creation

The Digital Syndicate team was fortunate to have been given a word of mouth heads up about Cardano Node 1.32.1. This release significantly changes the way nft’s are created from the command line; and subsequently any mint engine that runs on a live node. The release notes are available here. But we’ll provide some guidance below.

Prior to 1.32.1, you created an nft using policyid.tokenname. In this new release you’ll have to convert the token name to hexidecimal. Using the same example, it would become policyid.746f6b656e6e616d65. This is to resolve issues with those who want to mint NFT’s with non standard characters in the name. Its hard to say if this will really make a difference in that regard. But this change is significant enough that CNFT Hub felt it important to provide some work around solutions.

The first solution is to update your Cardano Node software to 1.32.1, but leave your Cardano Cli software at its current code level. This is a temporary stopgap. This should allow mint fountains to continue to operate until they’ve patched their code.

For those who mint on a one by one basis, you can just convert the token name to hexidecimal manually. This website makes it very easy. If you set the output delimeter to none, you can copy and paste your new hex code. We also highly recommend the stakepool scripts by Gitmachl. His scripts are always bleeding edge, and already include this update.

For those of you who automate their CNFT creation, the below is some code that should help you solve the issue. The python code comes to you courtesy of Digital Syndicate to help get you sorted.


utf_name = token_name.encode(‘utf-8’)
hex_name =(utf_name.hex())



$toconvert = $tokenname.ToCharArray();
Foreach ($element in $toconvert) {$hexname = $hexname + ” ” + [System.String]::Format(“{0:X}”, [System.Convert]::ToUInt32($element))}
echo $hexname

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