Friday, July 19, 2024

Cardenia coming October 13th

Cardenia is a CNFT project in pixel art from nkz and mendrinos, the backend dev on Corn n Friends and StereogramNFT, we created our art on handraw 40×40 canvas using a randomization algorithm for each trait, the project is currently in its final phase near launch on October13 9pm UTC, We have a pre-sale list for October 12 on our discord, everyone can joy until October 4th. The project’s goal is to initially launch the city’s citizens and eventually build an ecosystem that fits with a voting system development for citizens holders. 

So, launch date: October 13th 9 pm utc
Pre-sale on October 12th: Register on our discord, everyone can register until Oct 4thEvery citizen after pre-sale will be saled for 10ADA each on our website

you can learn more about us on our website

and chat with us here

You can find more about the project, the citizens, and the city on this complete article on medium.

I`ll send here to a couple of images we use for sharing about our project.
giveaway.rar have some of our Cardenians selected for the giveaway

If you guys need something else, always can call us on twitter DM.

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