Friday, July 19, 2024

Cardano Summit Agenda Announced

Exciting times for Cardano. The Summit starts tomorrow. The CNFT Hub team will be representing with Huth S0lo attending the Los Angeles meetup, and Eddie going to the Florida event. The agenda has been announced and can be viewed at Summit.Cardano.Org. The info as of this post is listed below.

All Events / UTC

Need to watch later? All content on both days will be repeated 8 and 16 hours after initial broadcast.

9/25/21Saturday15:00 – 15:45Charles HoskinsonWelcome to Cardano Summit 2021: Live Opening Keynote Cardano World Utility Impact Governance Adoption Catalyst Community
9/25/21Saturday15:45 – 16:20To be announcedKeynote announcement Cardano WorldUtilityImpactGovernanceAdoptionCatalystCommunity
9/25/21Saturday16:20 – 16:30To be AnnouncedAnnouncement: Building a new partnership ecosystemCardano WorldUtilityImpactGovernanceAdoptionCatalystCommunity
9/25/21Saturday16:30 – 16:50Dynal PatelKeynote: Building great products on CardanoCardano World
9/25/21Saturday16:30 – 16:50Mark GriffinLars Brünjesplus guestAtala PRISM: powering the trust economyUtility
9/25/21Saturday16:30 – 16:50Dor GarbashVoltaire: on the path to decentralized governanceGovernance
9/25/21Saturday16:30 – 16:55John O’Connorplus guestBuilding community in AfricaImpact
9/25/21Saturday16:30 – 16:55Jeremy Firsterplus guestRaising the bar on fan engagementAdoption
9/25/21Saturday16:30 – 23:30Community World: come meet the builders and creatorsCommunity
9/25/21Saturday16:30 – 23:30Catalyst World: come meet the proposers Catalyst
9/25/21Saturday16:55 – 17:10BreakCardano WorldUtilityImpactGovernanceAdoptionCatalystCommunity
9/25/21Saturday17:10 – 17:55Special PanelCharles HoskinsonDynal PatelRomain Pellerinmoderated by Joanna Ossinger, BloombergPanel: RealFi – opening up opportunity for everyoneCardano World
9/25/21Saturday17:10 – 17:50Carlos ReneDavid RosalesMikhail ZabaluevPhilip Lazosplus guestsBridging the multichain worldUtility
9/25/21Saturday17:10 – 17:45Frederic JohnsonMatthias Benkortplus guestsCardano CIPs: emerging standardsGovernance
9/25/21Saturday17:10 – 17:35Sidney Vollmerplus guestPlanting a blockchain forest with the Cardano communityImpact
9/25/21Saturday17:10 – 18:20Simon ThompsonNebojsa VojvodicJean-Frédéric EtienneJohn HughesDuncan Couttsplus guestsSmart contract certification: the why and howAdoption
9/25/21Saturday17:45 – 18:25Kriss BairdDor GarbashThe Power of CatalystGovernance
9/25/21Saturday18:25 – 18:45Nikos KaragiannidisDecentralized software updatesGovernance
9/25/21Saturday17:35 – 18:10Jeff PollackMihaela UlieruWall Street & the UN Sustainable Development GoalsImpact
9/25/21Saturday17:55 – 18:05Dor GarbashKeynote: The future of on-chain governanceCardano World
9/25/21Saturday17:50 – 18:25Michael Peyton JonesShruti AppiahSimon ThompsonBuilding DApps with PlutusUtility
9/25/21Saturday18:20 – 18:40Shruti AppiahIan PilonRedefining DApp discovery: Bringing DApps to the mass marketAdoption
9/25/21Saturday18:05 – 18:20Shruti AppiahBuilding the sociotechnical operating system of the worldCardano World
9/25/21Saturday19:15 – 19:50Bingsheng ZhangPhilip LazosTreasury and governance: enabling collaborative intelligenceGovernance
9/25/21Saturday18:45 – 19:15Lunch/Dinner BreakCardano WorldUtilityImpactGovernanceAdoptionCatalystCommunity
9/25/21Saturday19:15 – 20:05Jeremy Firsterplus guestsFrom grape to glass: how to track and trace wine shipped across continentsAdoption
9/25/21Saturday19:15 – 19:30Jeff PollackKeynote: Evolving legacy finance with blockchain technologyCardano World
9/25/21Saturday19:15 – 20:15Nebojsa Vojvodicplus guestsBootstrapping a DeFi Stack on CardanoUtility
9/25/21Saturday19:50 – 20:40Mihaela UlieruManmeet Singhplus guestsExploring models for creating a Cardano ‘nation’Governance
9/25/21Saturday19:15 – 20:00Mihaela Ulieruplus guestsmoderated by Matthew Diemer, Decrypt Daily PodcastBlockchain for climate, environment and social impactImpact
9/25/21Saturday20:05 – 20:35Dan Friedmanplus guestNo longer a luxury: blockchain-backed product authenticationAdoption
9/25/21Saturday19:35 – 19:50Alex ApeldoornDan SmithLight wallets: the path to accessibility for allCardano World
9/25/21Saturday20:35 – 21:05Pyrros ChaidosRoman OliynykovIñigo Querejeta Azurmendiplus guestsMithril: Linking Together a Stronger and Lighter BlockchainAdoption
9/25/21Saturday19:50 – 20:00Josh MillerNFTs and CardanoCardano World
9/25/21Saturday21:05 – 21:25Jeremy Firsterplus guestsSmart contracts: the Plutus developer experienceImpact
9/25/21Saturday20:15 – 21:05Aggelos KiayiasChristian BadertscherSandro Coretti-DraytonPeter GažiAlexander RussellMirjam WesterThe Ouroboros familyUtility
9/25/21Saturday20:00 – 20:45Misan HarrimanSofiane DelloueJanet Adamsmoderated by Gillian Tett, Financial TimesAre NFTs the future of creative pursuit?Impact
9/25/21Saturday20:00 – 20:20Jerry FragiskatosA commercial toolkit for ecosystem opportunityCardano World
9/25/21Saturday21:25 – 21:45Alex Maazaplus guestsBridging conscious compliance, decentralization and sovereignty to CardanoAdoption
9/25/21Saturday20:20 – 20:35John O’ConnorKeynote: Decentralization for advancement in AfricaCardano World
9/25/21Saturday21:05 – 22:00Alex ApeldoornMatthias Benkortplus community guestsThe future of wallets on CardanoUtility
9/25/21Saturday21:50 – 22:00BreakCardano WorldUtilityImpactGovernanceAdoptionCatalystCommunity
9/25/21Saturday22:00 – 22:25Aggelos KiayiasIO Research: the why, the what and the whoCardano World
9/25/21Saturday22:00 – 22:40Philipp KantDuncan CouttsKevin HammondAlonzo and beyond: optimizing smart contracts on CardanoUtility
9/25/21Saturday22:00 – 22:45Guest speakersGrowing the Cardano ecosystem with cFundImpact
9/25/21Saturday22:00 – 22:45Ben O’HanlonHassan KhalilMatthew CappsNiamh AhernLenna OntoMobilizing communities to create, build, and educateAdoption
9/25/21Saturday22:25 – 22:45Frederik GregaardRenagh MooneyKeynote: An update from the Cardano FoundationCardano World
9/25/21Saturday22:40 – 22:55Sergio Sanchez FerrerosWhat’s in store for Yoroi wallet users?Utility
9/25/21Saturday22:45 – 23:05Jerry FragiskatosKeynote: Complexity, utility, and collaboration for a decentralized futureCardano World
9/25/21Saturday22:45 – 23:30Jeremy Firsterplus guestsHow regulated capital is adopting cryptocurrenciesAdoption
9/25/21Saturday23:05 – 23:25Charles Hoskinsonplus special guestCharles & special music guest talk NFTs for goodCardano World
9/25/21Saturday22:55 – 23:05Alexander DiemandWalking the chain: data analytics for CardanoUtility
9/26/21Sunday15:00 – 15:20Charles HoskinsonBen Goertzeland special guestsLIVE: AI & Robots: Charles & Ben talk past, present and future Cardano WorldUtilityImpactGovernanceAdoptionCatalystCommunity
9/26/21Sunday15:20 – 15:40To be AnnouncedAnnouncement: Bridging the gap – connecting people and capitalCardano WorldUtilityImpactGovernanceAdoptionCatalystCommunity
9/26/21Sunday15:40 – 15:50Networking BreakCardano WorldUtilityImpactGovernanceAdoptionCatalystCommunity
9/26/21Sunday15:50 – 16:25Don TapscottGovernance of the blockchain revolution: Introducing the DCFCardano World
9/26/21Sunday15:50 – 16:00Fabrizio ShaoBuilding the Cardano community Impact
9/26/21Sunday15:50 – 16:10Jeremy Firsterplus guestConnecting the world to Cardano with Blockfrost’s APIAdoption
9/26/21Sunday15:50 – 23:00Community World: come meet the builders and creatorsCommunity
9/26/21Sunday15:50 – 23:00Catalyst World: come meet the proposers Catalyst
9/26/21Sunday16:05 – 16:50Manuel ChakravartyDuncan CouttsPhilipp KantPhil WadlerThe design & minds behind PlutusUtility
9/26/21Sunday16:25 – 16:45Mihaela UlieruKeynote: IOHK building a better future for allCardano World
9/26/21Sunday16:20 – 16:40Joel TelpnerOverview of the Decentralized Consortium Fund (DCF)Governance
9/26/21Sunday16:10 – 16:50Jeremy Firsterplus guestsBuilding decentralized ecosystems on CardanoAdoption
9/26/21Sunday16:45 – 17:00BreakCardano WorldUtilityImpactGovernanceAdoptionCatalystCommunity
9/26/21Sunday17:00 – 17:10Ahmad AlkabraHydra: a new era for scalability in CardanoCardano World
9/26/21Sunday17:00 – 17:30Aggelos KiayiasManuel ChakravartyNikos KaragiannidisPolina VinogradovaMichael Peyton JonesBabel fees: paying transaction fees with custom currenciesUtility
9/26/21Sunday17:00 – 17:15Johnny NguyenIntroducing the DCF concept Governance
9/26/21Sunday17:00 – 17:20Micky WatkinsAlan OmnetAndrew SoperRJ KatundaCharles BarnettWorld Mobile – Stronger connectedImpact
9/26/21Sunday17:00 – 17:25Jeremy Firsterplus guestRegulated entities & Cardano stake poolsAdoption
9/26/21Sunday17:10 – 17:30Tamara HaasenKeynote: Culture, governance, and leading the way with CardanoCardano World
9/26/21Sunday17:15 – 17:45Rodney PrescottThe anatomy of the DCFGovernance
9/26/21Sunday17:20 – 17:35Eva Oberholzerplus guestBuilding brighter futures in Rwanda with BlockchainImpact
9/26/21Sunday17:25 – 17:55Charles HoskinsonRomain PellerinJosh MillerGreta Gawianskiplus guestCryptoBisons: gaming with Cardano NFTsAdoption
9/26/21Sunday17:30 – 17:40Romain PellerinKeynote: Evolution of critical systems with blockchain technologyCardano World
9/26/21Sunday17:45 – 18:05Johnny NguyenImplementing and operating the DCFGovernance
9/26/21Sunday17:35 – 18:10Ellappan VenkatesanHow Cardano blockchain education benefits societies and individualsImpact
9/26/21Sunday17:30 – 17:55Elias KoutsoupiasAikaterini-Panagiota StoukaResearch update: Stake pool rankingUtility
9/26/21Sunday17:40 – 18:00Carlos Vargas MonteroWhat is the Professional Services Group and how can we help?Cardano World
9/26/21Sunday18:05 – 18:30Joel TelpnerRodney Prescottplus guestDCF development process: Boston Consulting GroupGovernance
9/26/21Sunday18:10 – 18:35Jeremy Firsterplus guestCardano Foundation & SDGs: Giving Identities to the unidentifiedImpact
9/26/21Sunday17:55 – 18:15Filip DimitrijevićBruno Woltzenlogel PaleoDjed: a formally verified algorithmic crypto-backed stablecoin protocolUtility
9/26/21Sunday17:55 – 18:15Josh MillerFrancisco LandinoGreta Gawianskiplus guestsWolfram: the art of scienceAdoption
9/26/21Sunday18:00 – 18:15Adam Batesplus guestsBuilding virtual worlds for the IO SummitCardano World
9/26/21Sunday18:15 – 18:40Shruti AppiahSimon ThompsonMarlowe: the future of finance Utility
9/26/21Sunday18:15 – 18:35Drew Wallinplus guestBitpoint: ada and the Japanese exchange futureAdoption
9/26/21Sunday18:35 – 19:05Lunch/Dinner BreakCardano WorldUtilityImpactGovernanceAdoptionCatalystCommunity
9/26/21Sunday19:05 – 19:30Ken KodamaEMURGO: investing in Cardano’s futureCardano World
9/26/21Sunday19:05 – 19:20Simon ThompsonPablo LamelaMarlowe Run: prototype demoUtility
9/26/21Sunday19:05 – 19:50Mihaela UlieruShawn JensenAnkit BhatiaMicha BenolielSergio Mellomoderated by Monty Munford, Sienna Network/BBC/EconomistSocial media: redefined on blockchain?Impact
9/26/21Sunday19:05 – 19:55Gerard Moroneyplus guestsAnti-maximalism: collaboration for industry growthAdoption
9/26/21Sunday19:30 – 19:50Lars BrünjesThe importance of education for blockchain adoptionCardano World
9/26/21Sunday19:20 – 19:40Mirjam Westerplus guestsResearch and university collaborationUtility
9/26/21Sunday19:50 – 20:10Ben GoertzelA singular vision: Ben GoertzelCardano World
9/26/21Sunday19:40 – 20:25Jeremy FirsterMel McCannCharles Morganplus guestSecurity on Cardano and industry trendsUtility
9/26/21Sunday19:55 – 20:05Josh Millerplus guestThe ultimate payment power gridAdoption
9/26/21Sunday20:05 – 20:35Simon Thompsonplus guestsMUKN: Lighting the way for smart contracts using GlowAdoption
9/26/21Sunday20:10 – 20:30Charles Hoskinsonplus special guestsMeeting of the Minds with Charles Hoskinson & special musical guestsCardano World
9/26/21Sunday20:35 – 20:50BreakCardano WorldUtilityImpactGovernanceAdoptionCatalystCommunity
9/26/21Sunday20:50 – 21:35Romain PellerinManuel Chakravartyplus guestsTaking outputs as inputsCardano World
9/26/21Sunday20:50 – 21:35Matthias BenkortManuel ChakravartySandro Corretti-DraytonMatthias FitziSebastian NagelHydra: the multi-headed scalability protocolUtility
9/26/21Sunday20:50 – 21:35John MacPhersonMel McCannplus guestsHow exchanges enable adoptionAdoption
9/26/21Sunday21:35 – 23:00Charles HoskinsonJerry FragiskatosRomain PellerinRob AdamsJoel TelpnerFrederik Gregaardplus special guestsLive Panel: Blueprint for 2025Cardano WorldUtilityImpactGovernanceAdoptionCatalystCommunity

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