Thursday, February 29, 2024

Wizard Spellz – Fully On Chain Animations from Wizard Crypt – Dropping September 10th at 3pm UTC!

Wizard Crypt is a project that aims to create an in-browser RPG game. The first step towards this is a drop of Wizard Spellz NFTs, which will be entering the Cardano blockchain this friday. The drop is comprised of 15,555 unique animations that are achieved with HTML and CSS that is stored entirely on the chain. The NFTs have no IPFS links at all and can be viewed in any modern browser. Wizard Spellz are the first step in a path towards a game that will focus on exploration and discovery, as well as party building and story-driven combat. Owners of Spellz are allowed to use them however they want, and will get in game benefits once the game features start to come out.

To learn more, visit the Wizard Crypt website at

You can also join their Discord at

And follow them on Twitter at

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