Friday, July 19, 2024

cNFT Staking comes to Cardano

Just on the heels of our previous post about Drip Dropz, we have another interesting announcement. And this one involves the cNFT Hub / Digital Syndicate team. For those who are unaware, the Digital Syndicate team are the project team behind Cardano Budz. We have been developing the concepts for Cardano Budz: Grow Your Own Adventure (GYOA) for approximately 6 months; with development well under way.

If you have been following our Budz project, we have talked about integrating GYOA with our stakepools BUDZ and FIGHT. In early December, we activated our NFT Staking functions within our pool, and our delegates began accruing cbTHC. Within just a couple of epochs, we came be aware of Drip Dropz impending release. Knowing that their project encourage stake pools to work together, we arranged to meet with them to discuss GYOA.

Its always a bit magical when things come together so well. Our conversations were very productive, and we found that we had very mutually beneficial goals. Today I’m extremely proud to annouce that the Cardano Budz cbTHC asset will become available on Drip Dropz in Epoch 315. They have generously donated their time to add all of the needed logic for our cNFT Staking design to their system. You can anticipate this new cNFT Staking offering to be leveraged by a number of stakepools. But we’re over the moon that Cardano Budz gets to be the first one on Drip Dropz.

Our warmest Thanks for out to the Drip Dropz team for helping us make this happen!

For more information about Drip Dropz, you can find them on Twitter at And for more information about Cardano Budz and cbTHC, you can find us at

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