Wednesday, July 6, 2022

MaaS – Minting as a Service

Have you wanted to release a token, but dont know how to scale out minting/sending tokens? We have a new product offering that can help. Minting as a service. We’re not looking to compete with, or some of the other self service options (at least not at the moment). We’re currently offering simple drop services, where you provide your audience a wallet address. They send a set amount and get a token in return. You get the after tx fee to your own wallet.

This is for a single token style (not multiple randomized graphics), with an incremented token number; ie Token01, Token02, Token03. Pricing is as follows:

₳75 – 1 hour consult, and first week of mint run
₳25 – per week thereafter
₳10 – for simple mid run modification; JSON adjustment, increment adjustment, per token fee adjustment
Fees can be on consignment at our discretion

Coming soon, randomized token and price incrementing minting.

Contact us at

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