Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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Cardano4Climate – Climate Change: THE Challenge – Weekly Meetup

May 25 @ 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Cardano 4 Climate – Making the world work better for all people, animals, and the living planet.

We welcome everyone in the community that are passionate about making a real difference and meeting like-minded people. We meet weekly to talk about this important topic of Climate Change and what we can do about it as a community.

Agenda tbd at Tuesday C4C Core Team meetings

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Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the evolution of a decentralized and transparent ecosystem. We are active in Cardano because it does more. Cardano is “a platform built for a sustainable future, to help people work better together, trust one another, and build global solutions to global problems. Cardano is a fork in the road. It takes us from where we’ve been to where we’re destined to go: a global society that is secure, transparent, and fair, and which serves the many as well as the few.” Cardano aims to disrupt the trajectory of the developing world by “Making the world work better for all.”

Climate Change & Cardano: With enormous risks come enormous opportunities for new models and ecosystems to solve this wicked problem. By combining the evolving blockchain technology of Cardano with solutions and models for climate change action, we will make the needed impact, now and for decades to come. Together, we have the ability to stop the downhill degradation and harm to the planet and bring about regeneration as the social and economic foundation for current and future generations.

This Is The First Iteration. Our goal is to make solutions to Climate Change an inherent part of the activities of Cardano. Our aim is for the mission of Cardano to become: Making the world work better for all people, animals, and the living planet.


“Cardano is built by a decentralized community of scientists, engineers, and thought leaders united in a common purpose: to create a technology platform that will ignite the positive change the world needs. We believe the future should not be defined by the past, and that more is possible – and, through technology, can be made possible for all.

JOIN US – We Need You!

Our survival as a species depends on our collective wisdom, our combined passion, and our concerted efforts to co-create the solutions to humanity’s greatest challenge, Climate Change: THE Challenge.


May 25
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM


Online event
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