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Endangered Empire: Saving Endangered Species Through CNFT’s

There is catastrophe in the animal kingdom. Every year, it seems like another animal is on the brink of extinction. Bengal Tigers, Blue Whales, Rhinoceroses, Mountain Gorillas, Pandas, Elephants… all endangered and vulnerable animals; and these are just to name a few. Once they’re extinct, all hope is lost for that species. “Wildlife are in a crisis around the globe…” said Collin O’Mara, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation. This is where Endangered Empire steps in. Involvement is needed. And here you can step in alongside them.

Welcome to Endangered Empire

An international organization and the first of its kind on the Cardano blockchain. Founded by Christian Nelson (Chino), a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering and a Crypto expert by trade, who aimsto use the abundance of NFTs to rescue, restore, rebuild nature and strengthen its benefits to mankind.

“Endangered Empire houses a goal of empathy and kindness. Sure, there are other NFT collectible projects out there, but we wanted this project to make a greater impact in the world than just collectibles.”

The Endangered Empire team is releasing an on-going series of NFT’s targeting one endangered or vulnerable species per series. 30,000 ADA will be sent to a community-voted organization focused on protecting, rebuilding and saving the targeted species.

Series 1 Release

Release Date: January 15th, 2022

Release Price: 35 ADA (Tentative price – Oracles are in place to determine a fair amount of ADA for our community at the time of release)

“This project has two equally important goals in mind. One being to raise awareness for and eliminate the decline of these species. The second is to give our community one of the most appealing NFT’s in the space, while rewarding collectors and our community.”

Why Killer Whales?

“In recent decades, several populations of killer whales have declined and some have become endangered”, according to a study done by NOAA Fisheries. In some areas of the world, population size has declined from 150 to less than 75 in just a couple decades where their biggest threats are contaminants and overfishing which result in lack of food, net entanglement, immunitive and reproductive disabilities.

“We used to go to SeaWorld as kids and we were amazed by the beauty of them. Now, we do not support SeaWorld in any way. As kids we didn’t know what was going on behind the scenes. We just saw this huge, beautiful animal jumping out of the water. So, when we were trying to figure out what our first release should be, the first animal that came to mind was the Killer Whale.”

They are passionate in their vision and are community-driven. They are equally focused on giving back to their community just as much as they are to endangered species. They aim to build a community structured by community involvement, giveaways, on-going community rewards, and expansion by celebrity endorsement and brand collaborations.

What’s In Store for the Future?

On the Crypto side, they are going to fully venture out into the Metaverse and create a world where the EE community can turn their 2D NFT’s into 3D characters and can become fully immersed in the activities and opportunities of the Metaverse. Additionally, we will monetize our property in the Metaverse where all proceeds will be sent back to creators for expansion, to collectors and to wildlife organizations.

On the Wildlife side, they are focused on creating their own wildlife organization that can preserve, protect and rescue endangered species internally.

Join the Endangered Empire

Stay up to date with news, releases, NFT sneak peaks, giveaways, whitelisting and other updates by following them on Twitter and Discord:

Twitter: (@EE_CNFT)



Instagram: @endangeredempire

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