Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Chadi Nassar Self Portraits – Beautiful NFTs


Hello! My name is Chadi and I am the creator of the Call Me By Your Name collections. My art is a commentary and pushes back on the closed world of the establishment art world that has for so long put their noses up to the “others”. Well, here we go: NFTs and crypto has come to let them know that they can no longer gate-keep us. Also this collection to me is a very emotional one. I start with a sketch then work with a trained AI to create the faces with me. It is also a way to bring likeness to the AI through faces, or putting faces on the AI. I want us to call the AI, a digital being, by our name as we will eventually do this. We are already venturing into the metaverse with our NFTs. Soon the AI will venture to us through robotics and enhanced humans. The possibilities are endless and today I present the faces as a representation of the human aspect as well as the digital.All the faces speak to me, and this is why I named it the “Call Me By Your Name” collection. I love the faces so much because they are calm, yet haunting. Free, yet restricted. When we look at them we feel something. That is art to me: a creation that brings out your emotions.I am overwhelmed by the support I have felt here in this community and glad to be part of the CNFT movement.Let’s change the world and Call it by our names, shall we?Read more and view the full collections here:https://www.cmbyn.io/ Follow me on Twitter here:https://twitter.com/ChadiNassar
Also, check out my new collab with another artist you might be interested in also. His name is Mr. Intangible.


Chadi Nassar/夏小龙 | CMBYN | Cardano NFT on Twitter???@mrintangble & I have an awesome series of 7 stills & 1 GIF to share. Every day we share one, we sell it. Here is the first one. Price: 288 ADA / Still To purchase, send me a message. All are unique works 1/1 #CNFT #NFT #CardanoCommunity” twitter.com

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