New Event Submission

UPDATED 12-20-2021

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CNFT Hub is a global page, meant as a fair use space for all cNFT projects. Please follow these guidelines. Events that do not follow these guidelines will be deleted from the calendar.

  1. No meme coins, or otherwise completely low effort projects.
  2. All cNFT drop events must start and stop on the same day. Please set the start and end date to be the same, and a one hour window starting at the time your event starts. The time is in UTC.
  3. Do not add more than one calendar event for the same drop. If you need to edit your drop date, please contact the cNFT Hub Team.
  4. Do not flag your event as “Featured”. This is for paid marketing, or at the discretion of the site admins.
  5. If you would like your event flagged as charity, please email with either proof of a past donation, or intended donation method for new projects. WE WILL follow up on this.
  6. You must provide a policy ID; no exceptions. Events submitted without policy ID’s will not be published. We validate the 777 token on every submission as a service to both you and people who will be seeing your ad.
  7. Be courteous and respectful to all projects.
  8. Be culturally respectful.
  9. Any submission may be removed at the discretion of the site admins for any reason.

Above all else, use good judgement – cNFT Hub Team

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